How to Order Train & Multiply Material

We are here to serve you. We do not run at a profit, but rather we joyfully operate at a loss. This is a ministry not a business. We endeavour to assess each individual circumstance in the best way possible.

To order materials you must have a current T&M User License.

To apply for a User Licence, you need to follow a simple procedure. The first step is to download a copy of the User Agreement. This document is for you to sign, accepting the conditions of the copyright to use or distribute the T&M material, and then return to PWR via post or fax.

(For more details about the usage of T&M materials please see the FAQs page).

Fees & costs

User Fees: We ask for a User Fee in the form of a donation in return for a life time User License which allows for the printing and use of the materials within the Boundaries section of the agreement. This license includes one T&M set. One hundred percent of the funds received from User Licenses are applied directly to completing the next translation of T&M and serving Users.

Delivery of T&M material

We have two available delivery methods:

By downloading from our website - Normally T&M Materials are delivered in electronic documents saved in PDF format ready to print. The cost of delivery is included in the User Fee and will include one digital download.
Users find this to be the most efficient, safe and convenient form of distribution.

CD by mail –A CD can be requested for an additional postage and handling cost of $25 US Dollars. This amount would be added to the User Fee.We require a safe shipping address in order to complete this request.

If you wish to contact us with any questions about the User Agreement, please send us an email to or send your message using the online Contact form.